Tired of getting burned? ...

I remember my mother, making Sunday breakfast, frying up BACON, complaining about all the splatter burns she got on her arms when preparing our favorite... BACON!

As it turns out, being all grown up now, and married, my WIFE has the same complaint!

Why do we keep letting our favorite women INJURE themselves just to prepare us

Well, NO MORE!

Don't the cooks, in your life, whom  you LOVE,  deserve your PROTECTION??

And Men! We have NOT forgotten YOU! Introducing the BBQ Buddy! Just for you! Let your BBQ Buddy keep you safe while you prepare your families food! Aren't YOU worth protecting TOO?
And if you're making Taco's all day, you'll LOVE the Taco Apron!

The Bacon-Apron will be made from a light, fire-resistant canvas material and will be available in a variety of colors and patterns can be personalized or branded for Marketing purposes.

The above picture is only a representation of the final product. We expect to begin deliveries this spring.
Sorry, this item will NOT be available for Holiday delivery however, you can gift your loved one with a Pre-Order!

Our Founding Funders!  THANKS!

Thank-you to ALL of our fans!

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